Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road users, whose lives, particularly the young and inexperienced, are being put at unnecessary risk, simply because the drivers of cars and other vehicles can fail to see them.

With the overwhelming evidence that motorcyclists are considerably safer in daytime hours when riding with their headlights on, the Safer Roads Foundation in 2010, in conjunction with the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) and the Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers in Europe (ACEM), advocated the compulsory introduction of the 'Automatic Headlight On' (AHO) feature for all motorcycles sold in the European Union. As a result of this, the European Commission legislated that all new models of powered two-wheelers (PTWs) sold in the European Union, no matter where they are manufactured around the world, will have to incorporate the 'Automatic Headlight On' safety feature.

SRF made this documentary on the risks that existed in India for riders of PTWs not incorporating the life-saving AHO safety feature. Based on the experience of other south eastern Asian countries, AHO saves between 10%-20% of all powered two-wheeler fatalities. With 500 motorcycle and moped riders losing their lives every week in India, as the population of PTWs with the AHO feature quickly increases (25 million bikes manufactured in the country every year), 50 lives or arguably a lot more will be saved every single week, equating to 2,500 a year or over a ten year period, 25,000 lives.

In April 2017, the AHO feature became mandatory for all PTWs sold in India, with the result that so much human misery will now be avoided because of the introduction of this simple, no cost measure, which will have such a profound effect in saving lives across the country.