Rear Seat Belt Info Commercial in Greece

The Road Safety Institute ‘Panos Mylonas’ (RSI Panos Mylonas) was the result of a vision which followed the tragic and unfair loss of Panos Mylonas, who died at the age of 22 in a car accident on March 22, 2004 on his way to class at the University of Patras (Greece). Since its foundation, RSI has been working relentlessly to bring down the number of casualties on the roads in Greece which has one of the highest rates of traffic-related deaths, proportionate to its population, in the European Union.

The Safer Roads Foundation and RSI have been collaborating over the years on numerous road safety accident remedial projects and together wanted to encourage the use of rear seat belts in Greece. On 29th November 2018, a television info commercial was officially launched with this specific objective. Seat belts save lives even on short distances and they should be worn in the back as well as in the front of a vehicle. This production was funded by SRF and was shown initially from 10th December 2018 until 10th January 2019 on the main Greek television channels.

The Ministry of Transport of Greece, the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), RSI and SRF have collaborated on making this campaign a reality.