Chiang Mai Location Three | Non-Helmet-Wearing-Recognition-Cameras




In a collaborative project with the Commander of Chiang Mai Provincial Police, Chief of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Head of Provincial Local Administration Office, San Sai Subdistrict Police, San Sai Luang Municipality, Hang Dong District Police, Hang Dong Subdistrict Municipality, Mae Rim District Police and Mae Rim Subdistrict Municipality, SRF supported the Chiang Mai Road Safety Committee (CMRSC) by providing a grant for the provision of CCTV cameras, enforcement software and high-profile warning signs to enforce automatically non-helmet wearing in the following five districts in Chiang Mai:

Mung, Sansai, Sarapee, Mae Rim and Hangdong

Helmet wearing has increased by almost 90% with mortality halved!

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