Khon Kaen location two | Red-Light-Running-&-Non-Helmet-Wearing-Recognition-Cameras




Working with Khon Kaen Road Safety Foundation (KKRSF), SRF funded the installation of 'Red Light Running and Non-Helmet Wearing Recognition Cameras' at three main intersections in the city. ‘Red Light Running’ at junctions causes numerous deaths and serious injuries, and enforcement cameras have a dramatic impact in reducing such behaviour and thereby avoiding accidents which can often be catastrophic in their consequences.

As helmet wearing rates of Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs) in Khon Kaen and much of Thailand are worryingly low, the use of detection cameras can have an overwhelmingly positive effect in encouraging riders to take the most important yet simple measure to protect their lives, i.e. when getting on a bike, always wear your helmet!

If motorcyclists can be persuaded to always wear their helmets, the benefits can be overwhelming in reducing fatalities and serious injuries.  In most countries, PTWs are the most vulnerable road users, and in Thailand and other Asian countries because of the high numbers of PTWs, if routine helmet usage can become the norm, then in a country like Thailand, literally thousands of lives will be saved every year.

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