Edipsos, Evia | Unmarked-junctions




The main road, Thermopotamou, is extremely wide and gives the overwhelming impression of having priority, yet unusually, the small side roads have priority but the previous absence of signing did not warn drivers of this reality. Traffic crosses Thermopotamou from the side roads at considerable speed and the consequences of a driver or motorcyclist failing to concede priority could so easily have resulted in loss of life.

Working in collaboration with the Road Safety Institute (RSI) Panos Mylonas and with the positive support from Mayor Kotzias and his colleagues, SRF’s funding has ensured action has been taken to address the danger. The Edipsos scheme now provides a ‘best practice’ reference site for Greece, demonstrating the value of large ‘‘STOP’ signs with embedded flashing red LEDs, particularly where a road’s counterintuitive geography makes it essential that the warning to concede priority is impactful and obvious.

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